About The Scully-Greene-Dunn Family Association
The Scully-Greene-Dunn Family Association is a hereditary organization consisting of the
descendants of

All three couples were born in Queens County (now County Laois), Ireland, and settled in the
Middletown/Portland area of Connecticut.

In the late 1890s, as a result of the close family relationships between the descendants of
these three couples, the Scully-Greene Family Association was informally formed.  The
Association began to keep genealogical and historical records for the family, and hosted
regular family reunions beginning in the 1920s.  The Association was later named the Dunn-
Scully-Greene Family Association, and, upon reorganization in 1996, became the Scully-
Greene-Dunn Family Association.

Individuals who are interested in the history of County Laois, Ireland and in Irish immigration
to the Middletown/Portland area of Connecticut who cannot trace their ancestry to Martin &
Jane Scully, Edward & Esther Greene, or John & Margaret Dunn are eligible for social
membership in the association.
Current Officers of the Association

Regina Woltmann

Vice President
Janice Johnson

Jack Scully

Recording Secretary
Carolyn Laban

Corresponding Secretary
Dot Daniels

Thomas P. Langdon
The Scully-Greene-Dunn Family Association
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