Genealogy of the
John & Margaret (Rohan) Dunn Family

                         Introduction to the family of John & Margaret (Rohan) Dunn

 John & Margaret (Rohan) Dunn were born in Queens County (County Laois), Ireland and
emigrated to The United States in the 1830s.  By about 1835, they were residents of Middletown,
CT, and appear in the 1840 US Census for Middletown.  To date, we have not found ship
records indicating when they left Ireland, and only have cursory information on their ancestors.  
According to John Dunn's death certificate, his parents were Patrick and Mary Dunn, and
Margaret's death certificate indicates that her father was John Rohan.  Their Tombstone in St.
John's Old Cemetery in Middletown, CT indicates that they were natives of Maryborough,
Queens County, Ireland.

 One of their children, Mark Francis Dunn, married Mary F. Greene, a descendant of
Edward &
Esther (Lalor) Greene.  Another child, Catherine Dunn, married John Scully, a son of Martin &
Jane (Cavanaugh) Scully.

                                                         Forthcoming Genealogy

 The Scully-Greene-Dunn Family Association is currently completing a book entitled The
Descendants of John & Margaret (Rohan) Dunn of Maryborough, Queens County, Ireland and
Middletown, CT
.  We hope to publish the book in 2007.  Anyone with information on the family,
including family stories and traditions, photographs, or possible updates to the genealogy is
encouraged to contact
Thomas P. Langdon.  More information about this publication will be

Family Information

  For more information on the family of John & Margaret (Rohan) Dunn, please consult the
following files (all require Adobe Acrobat to open):

   Tombstone of John & Margaret (Rohan) Dunn - St. John's Old Cemetery, Middletown, CT
Genealogy of the Scully-Greene-Dunn Family

Erected by
Margaret Parish of
Marboro Queens Co.
In Memory of their
Sarah Ann died
July 22, 1848 AE 10 mos.
John died July 15, 1849
AE 4 Years
JOHN DUNN Died Sept 1, 1885
AE 85 years
Died _____ 1884 AE 83