General Genealogical Information & Family Relationships

     The Scully, Greene, and Dunn families of Portland and Middletown, Connecticut, were closely
tied by family and social relationships.  Descendants of the three founding couples married into
the other two families, creating close family bonds.  A chart summarizing the links between the
three families may be found below (reprinted here, with permission, from
The Descendants of
Edward & Esther (Lalor) Greene
,  by Thomas P. Langdon & Regina Woltmann, Copyright (c)
1997).  In addition, the families have had strong social ties, and have maintained contact with
each other throughout the years.  The Scully-Greene-Dunn Family Association provides
opportunities for family members to maintain contact, and maintains historical and genealogical
records on the family.

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Genealogy of the Scully-Greene-Dunn Family
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