2007 Scully- Greene- Dunn Family Reunion

2007 Family Reunion Report

  The 2007 Reunion of the Scully-Greene-Dunn Family Association was held on Saturday, August
18th, 2007 at Cave Hill Resort in Moodus, CT.  Approximately 80 to 100 family members attended, and
the weather was picture-perfect for a picnic.  Skies were blue, there was no threat of rain, and the
temperature was uncharacteristically cool for August.

              Bob & Gert Scully Enjoying                                                       Lee Sisson & Bob Bernier
                      the nice weather

  We'd like to thank the Committee, Janice and Lloyd Johnson, Dottie Daniels, Grace and Walt
Clohosey, Bette Flynn, Carolyn Laban, Martha Lutecki, Kathryn Paredez, Ruthan Watts, Regina
Woltmann, and Barbara Zygmunt for all of their efforts in planning and coordinating this event.  Special
thanks also to Bill Olson, Jerry Hawkes, and Phil Quish for helping out at the grill that day.  The food
was delicious, including the desserts provided by members of the reunion committee.  Bette Flynn
and Ruthan Watts did a great job with the raffle table, generating a profit of over $300 which was
added to the family treasury.  We'd also like to thank those of you who generously contributed or made
gifts for the Raffle Table and all of you for your support.  
            The cool weather did not keep the children
    out of the pool - several of our younger cousins
    spent a large part of the day enjoying the water,
    including Autumn and Elijah Youngblood and
    Ryan McFadden.  Other attendees played
    basketball and soccer, and spent time catching
    up with others attending the event.

 Ryan McFadden & Autumn Youngblood
                      Enjoying the Water

  The traditional awards were granted by Family Association President Regina Woltmann.  Grace
Clohosey was given the award for being the oldest family member in attendance, and Ryan
McFadden was the youngest.  


           Grace Clohosey, Ryan McFadden
           & Family Assoc. President Regina

  After a day of relaxing, catching up with old friends and cousins, and enjoying the food prepared for
the picnic, the reunion ended around 6 p.m.

                                Additional Photos from the Reunion (more will be added later):

Karen & Dottie Daniels                                                 Janice Johnson, Jim Shea,   
                                                                                                                and Donna Boldt

     The Reunion Master Chefs - Jerry Hawks                    Janice Johnson, Shiela Parmelee
            Bill Olson, and Lloyd Johnson                                                  and Bette Flynn

          Martha Lutecki serving Ice Cream to                             Jim Zygmunt and Dottie Daniels
                  children at the Reunion

                     Walt & Grace Clohosey                                                            Picnic Time!

           Grace Clohosey, Brian Calhoun, and                              Ray Watts & Craig Parmelee
                                Ann Wagner

                            Ryan McFadden

A slideshow of the Cave Hill Resort and some of the family members attending
the 2007 Family reunion is available at  
Jenandneil.com .

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